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Support the Space Beers film universe by buying a big box of 24 Space Monkeys on Can! Price excluding shipping costs.

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Get a box of 24 bottles of Space Monkey and support the development of the Space Beers film universe. Space Monkey is a Rye Pale Ale (4,9% ALC/VOL).

Space Monkey
Did you know that the Scottish had a super secret space programme to colonise Jupiter’s Moon Europa back in the 70s? Neither did we. But this monkey does…

And he’s still up there somewhere.

Space Beers
This beer is part of the Space Beers film universe. This universe is. Well. As big as the universe! But what you probably didn’t know is that most of the aliens out there are just as messed up and bored as we are. Sure. They have faster-than-light travel and A.I. powered abduction machines, but what they don’t have is Earth beer! Well, they didn’t, until a young scot names Jed was abducted by two bored aliens girls named Zendra and Talia. Find out more at

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