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Delivering to & shipping costs (2019):
🇳🇱 The Netherlands – €5,50  |  🇧🇪 Belgium – €7,05  |  🇩🇪 Germany –  €6,35  |  🇬🇧 UK – €10,05  |  🇮🇪 Ireland – €16,05 |  🇫🇷 France – €10,35

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BREWING Since 2017


Although some believe we brew our own beers in a secret attic somewhere, this is not the case.

In 2017 we (the producers of Space Beers) sat down with Two Chefs Brewing with one simple request; we wanted to buy 200 bottles of their IPA beer (Green Bullet) and put our own Space Beers labels on it. This way we would have a playful way to promote our film project. Every beer bottle would have our film pitch on the back.

After reading our pitch and browsing our conceptual art, they (Two Chefs) came up with a better plan; why not make a new, unique beer instead of re-skinning an existing beer? So, in partnership with Two Chefs, that’s exactly what we did, and the rest is history! Our maiden beer was created. A Rye Pale Ale we named Space Monkey.

To date, we brewed and sold thousands of liters of this exclusive beer. HIC!



Did you know that the Scottish had a super secret space programme to colonise Jupiter’s Moon Europa back in the 70s? Neither did we. But this monkey does… And he’s still up there somewhere.

Space Monkey ties in directly with the Space Beers universe. By getting and/or drinking this beer you are supporting our crazy indie sci-fi universe. For that, we thank you! 

During the 70s, Dougal, the owner of a remote pub in Scotland, was selected to take part in a highly classified project called “Operation Star Man” for the secret Scottish space programme. Seeking independence from the UK, the Scots 

planned to seed a “Scots only” colony on. Jupiter’s moon “Europa”; to be renamed “Scotstopia” once claimed. What happened during the project and what progress was made remains classified… Dougal currently has no memory of his time on Operation Star Man, but deep down he knows someone’s “fiddled with his head”, suggesting his mind was erased and implanted with false memories.



Instagram did not return a 200.

Delivering to & shipping costs (2019):
🇳🇱 The Netherlands – €5,50  |  🇧🇪 Belgium – €7,05  |  🇩🇪 Germany –  €6,35  |  🇬🇧 UK – €10,05  |  🇮🇪 Ireland – €16,05

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